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Heather  Jenkins is a talented harpist who’s refined style and versatile repertoire are an excellent addition to a variety of venues including weddings, receptions, funerals, hotels, and restaurants.


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live harp music at your next event

Harp is the perfect background music for almost any event. It can be upbeat for informal celebrations or more soothing for formal occasions.

Weddings & Receptions

Prelude –  The prelude is harp background music played prior to the wedding ceremony, while the guests are arriving and being seated.

Processional – The music starting with seating of parents to the bride walking down the aisle.

Ceremony – One or two selections played during the wedding ceremony as a solo of a special song or background music.

Recessional – Played right after the ceremony, as the newly-married couple walks back up the aisle, followed by the wedding party.

Funerals & Memorials

Harp music is ideal for these solemn occasions. Its ethereal and peaceful music lifts and soothes the spirits of the grieving and bereaved.

As the congregation assembles, I begin playing and conclude with the piece chosen for the procession of the family and/or coffin into the chapel.  I can also play music to accompany a slide show during the ceremony.

Finally, I play chosen pieces as the coffin recesses and the congregation departs.

Parties & Celebrations

Birthday party, anniversary, family gathering, holiday event, or celebration? 

Live harp music will add an element of class and fun that you might not expect! 

Your guests will appreciate the novelty and I can help you design a full evening of music suited to your special event. 

Dinner & Cocktail Hour


The harp overwhelms your heart and soul, but leaves your ears free to hear the person next to you – without shouting!

So, if you desire a gathering where conversation and music peacefully coexist, live harp music is the perfect choice for your event.

Corporate & Charity Events

Beautiful harp music in the background allows for easy conversation during your fundraiser or banquet event.

As a beautiful and creative backdrop, Heather’s elegant Harp Music will greatly enhance your event.

Heather plans carefully for each engagement, choosing the repertoire and image to suit your corporate style and always in the most appropriate manner for the individual client.

Restaurants, Hotels, Cruise Ships

A live musician performing in your lobby or lounge adds a unique and memorable experience for your guests.

The resonant harp sound carries throughout your hotel lobby, restaurant or cruise ship dining room providing an ambiance of elegance and charm.

Reminiscent of  times gone by it allows for easy conversation and a relaxing atmosphere.

Our Specialties

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Anniversary & Birthday parties

Garden Parties and Showers

Award ceremonies  & Banquets

Charity & press events

Christenings & Religious Ceremonies

Weddings & Bar Mitzvahs

Funerals  & Memorials

Private  & business receptions

Royal & Political Occasions

Restaurant &  hotel lobby

Solo and Chamber Recitals

We Are Music

Live Performances


Duo – Harp & Cello


The Ascending Wave CD

Harp music by Heather Jenkins

Cello: Janice Foy | Voice & Percussion: Janice Abell | Flute: Nancy Marfisi Gilman | Violin: Leola Wagner

Sheet Music

Unique sheet music for the Harp written by Heather Jenkins.

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